Experience with Adobe Livecycle and enterprise s/w development environment

For around  11 months from DEC 2013 to NOV 2014  i have worked with  Adobe LC  with one insurance company.

As its my first Job i was excited to know how insurance company works and how they manage their IT operations.
Adobe livecycle is java based complete enterprise PDF management , document management tool for enterprises. 

I have learned a lot  below are few points :

1)Adobe_LC Designer
  This is one component in all suite of software provided by Adobe LC.There are many module in     
  Adobe LC  Product . Our organization deal with Output services module.
2)Workflow management
   My work is to develop Servicing letters and policy documents for Insurance company using inbuilt 
   designer tool  and process management.
   It was my first interaction with any process management tool, here i learn how  OOP and interface      design patterns play its role in  any software.

3)Enterprise architecture
  yes there is difference in software's and Enterprise software's .
  I termed Enterprise software which provides solution to businesses with all industry standards and 
  provides many integration points to use services.

4)MS Excel
 I had wrong assumption that excel is only for commerce people,  before using excel for logging my  work  with sql reports and to provide MIS to my manager ,or to  provide production data in excel
 But i must say to know excel techniques is power to any developer and  manager, and now i have  that  power i am not expert in excel but i know how to use it in any critical issue management.

Apart from technical learning below are few points which  are equally important for any software developer :
1)how enterprise software are used in corporates , 
2)why big organizations buy high-cost software,
3) how  development and production environment works together.
4)how it's important to have process for any modification in existing production application.

My Experience with OCAJP 7.

PASSED OCAJP 7  [ Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer I (1Z0-803) ]

I am happy today that i have cleared OCAJP 7 Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer I  exam with score 78 %.

I was preparing for this exam from last 4 to 5 months ,
Initially for 2 month I started with 2 hrs a day, reading study guide spending lots of time coding  examples , playing around code.I had just started giving mock exams and i was almost ready to attempt exam.....

but in a meanwhile due to some new assignment at work i cannot give much time for preparation.

A Gap of around 2 months !!, this 2 months i was completely out of OCJP study.
I resumed my study and need to finish everything in just a week!!!!!!!!

Clear understanding of concepts from study guide helps me . I must say reading JLS 7  helps me though it seems clumsy it clear all concepts.
I got many  tips like this on coderench site.
Also Enthuware  mock exams helps me, its a complete solution to OCJP certification needs.

To sum up ,
What helps me in to pass certification exam :
1) A reference guide OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Certification Guide: Prepare for the 1ZO-803 exam
2) Getting my hands dirty by playing with codes.
3)CODERENCH site blog to get expert comments on each of my question.
4)Enthuware  mock exams
5) JLS 7 reading
6) My java Enthusiasm

and the most important which helps me to boost my confidence, is tag line of my Blog Love IT Live IT Enjoy IT
love learning code , concepts , live that code apply that in work and Enjoy the beauty of how all things are bind perfectly in any software architecture.

I dedicate my success to India's newly formed "Skill Development Ministry"
which lets world know that , In India we provide Next-Gen talent to the
World which is not only skilled but also recognized by industry leaders.

Feel free to ask questions if any, i am going to update this blog for some useful concepts which will help someone in OCJP preparation.

till then,
Happy Coding..!!!!!